Month: August 2018

Exotic Pets

There has always been a special bond between humans and animals. There are legends of heroes who were always followed by their faithful animal companions. Animals have helped people in so many differen

t ways throughout history, either as transportation, guardians, food, or pets. When it comes to pets, dogs and cats are the most common, but some people prefer having some unusual pets. Here are some suggestions for those who would like to have an exotic pet.

First of all, you should know that there are certain animals you cannot own because it’s illegal. S

uch animals belong to endangered species, so if you want to have a bald eagle or a panda, bad luck for you. Also, we will not consider those animals that only wealthy people can afford, such as a Bengal tiger or a shark.


One of the most common exotic pets is a horse. It may not seem so exotic since it has been part of many households for years. But if we think about urbanization and the growth of large cities, it has become harder to keep a horse. Can you even imagine a horse living in your apartment in New York? Nowadays, horses can be kept only in rural areas, on farms and paddocks.

Creepy crawlies

When you hear the words creepy crawlies, you probably don’t think of somebody’s pet.  Well, some of the most common exotic pets are spiders. Yes, a creature whose presence would frighten so many people is one of the most popular pets. Spiders are usually kept in terrariums, but they are sometimes let out for a stroll. You might think that spiders are dangerous or even poisonous, but some people regard them as cute just like a puppy or a kitten.


In some cultures, snakes are seen as the embodiment of all evil. We might recall the story of the snake that offered the forbidden fruit to Eve in the Garden of Eden or the pet snake of Voldemort, the evil wizard from the Harry Potter series. In spite of all these negative associations, snakes are the third most popular exotic pet. Some people just love them for their unique bodies, their behavior or any other reason there might be.

The bottom line is that animals are not so different from us. They all need a home and care whether they are cats, dogs, fish, horses, spiders or snakes.