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What does Apple have in store for the future?

Apple is one of the most valuable companies in the whole world, adored by millions around the globe both for their fantastic design and quality, as well as the branding and marketing making their products desirable. However, in a world of harsh competition, Apple can’t stop innovating. Let’s see some new tech they will release in the near future.

Augmented reality

One of the key elements of iOS 12, Apple’s new operating system, is a focus on augmented reality, Apple’s Measure was the first step in that direction, allowing your iPhone to measure real distances on its screen. This is just a taste of what’s coming, since Lego is rumored to be on board for an iOS augmented reality app of their own. Apple realizes that VR and AR are the future of IT and is jumping on the bandwagon on time.

Tech addiction tool

Even though it might seem that Apple’s management benefits from your using their products as much as possible, their new tool helps their users spend less time in front of their phones, curbing tech addiction. The tool’s activity report will measure how much time a user spends with their phone, including an activity overview. Customers will be able to set App Limits – if you’re wasting too much time using an app, you can set a time limit for the day and get a warning 5 minutes before your time is up. Good news for parents is the fact that they will be able to set limitations for their children, including periods when they are not allowed to use any of the apps (to prevent raising night owls).


iPhone X users are already familiar with animated emojis called Animoji (you don’t say). However, now Apple is adding new animals, including a tongue detection feature that will make the animals’ tongues follow your tongue movement (what a great time to be alive!). Nevertheless, the biggest innovation is a fully personalized Animoji that can be made to look just like you, of course, in a cartoon version. After choosing your head shape, skin color, eye color and other features and accessories, the Memoji will then mimic your movement just like the rest of the Animoji.

Group FaceTime

FaceTime, Apple’s app for video calls and chatting, is now increasing the number of people in a video call to 32. If you’re in a group chat argument, you can now start a group video call with all of the members and make everybody’s lives a bit more unbearable. It’s perfect for virtual family reunions. To top it all off, the camera is getting some new effects, stickers, filters, and shapes.

Whether you are a fan of Apple or not, you can’t argue that the people come up with some great ideas!

Best Websites for Sports Betting

The internet has revolutionized many aspects of our lives – things that required us going out of our homes and planning our time accordingly are now just a few clicks away, and the advantages of online bingo are easily accessible to everyone. This also includes betting on sports, which is now available both on your computer and your mobile device. You are wondering which operator to choose? We made a small list so you would know where to begin.

1. William Hill sports betting

Founded in 1934, William Hill is the largest bookmaker in the UK. The players are attracted by the company’s reputation and its wide range of offers. Another thing that punters also like are the sign-up bonuses every player gets – currently, every new bookie gets a 30 GBP bonus if he/she puts down 10 GBP. Their customer service works 24/7 and allows you to choose between email, telephone, and live chat, plus an active Twitter account that answers customer queries.

2. Betway

This company was founded in 2006 and offers a wide range of sports like football, boxing, horse racing, tennis, and event darts and snooker, to name but a few. They came into the public eye when they started sponsoring West Ham United F.C., a well-known Premier League football club. The bonuses they offer require no bonus codes, saving you the hassle of searching for them, and give you a 100% bonus for up to 30 GBP, with a minimum deposit of 10 GBP. Regarding the support, if the comprehensive FAQ does not answer your questions, you can contact Betway via email, live chat or phone and get answers to even the most complex questions. If you had trouble finding a bookmaker that covers the sports you want to bet on, Betway is certainly worth taking a look at.

3. 888Sport

888Sport was founded in 2008 and it is settled in Gibraltar. Apart from its initial offer of sports betting, it now also features casino games, such as poker. If you deposit 10 GBP and place a bet whose odds are above 1.5 in the next ninety days, you’ll get a 30 GBP bonus. Apart from that, you’ll get a 10 GBP casino bonus if you’re into that kind of gambling. The downside of the support is the lack of a live chat, but very efficient phone support more than makes up for this. They are constantly expanding their betting portfolio, offering even eSports betting, even though the selection isn’t huge.

4. Pinnacle Sports

Having been founded in 1998, Pinnacle Sports has a rather long tradition. It operates in over 100 countries and has 16 languages on it websites. However, the UK is currently not one of the countries supported, even though that is set to change in the near future. Pinnacle isn’t really oriented on bonuses, but they take the lowest margins thus offering the best odds. This operator offers only email support, but it is more than competent. And a minimum bet limit of 1 GBP ensures that the “newbies” aren’t left out of the fun.

Hope you’ll have fun and don’t forget to bet only what you’re ready to lose!


Trends in the casino industry in 2018

Many things are happening in 2018 as the online casino industry continues to bloom. Aside from the regular new sign-up promotions or various online reviews (like for dove bingo) that those who would like to visit the casino can read beforehand, there are some new and exciting things that casino gamers can already try out in some select online casinos.


E-sports are on a great rise, with the industry being said to be worth 1.5 billion USD by 2020. The appeal is clear, since people can use their reflexes and logical judgment to compete and become stars, even though they aren’t exactly athletic types. And whenever you have competition, you also have betting. E-sports betting is more lucrative for punters at the moment since the lack of experts within the betting operators can lead to misjudged odds, letting real experts profit from them. However, with more attention being paid to this domain, the situation is about to change. The expectation is that the number of offers and games that bookies offer will soon see an explosion.

Virtual reality

Very few gambling operators offer virtual reality gambling at the moment. With more and more games using VR technology being published, casinos would definitely benefit from this technology, offering customers an even more immersive experience that reflects the feeling of a real casino, all from the comfort of their homes. Leading casinos are already investing in this technology, but the biggest obstacle still remains the price of the equipment needed for players to enjoy these amenities. However, with competition growing and VR-set prices plummeting, this won’t be an issue for long.

Skill games

Even though luck still plays a significant role in gambling, people are starting to get bored of pure chance determining the outcome of their bet. Even though spinning a slot machine is fun, players do not like the fact that the outcome is beyond their control. Therefore, casinos are experiencing more interest in games that require some sort of strategy, with a healthy dose of Fortuna’s grace, of course. Therefore, this promises a drastic increase in poker and sports betting websites and the introduction of other strategy elements into traditional games, like online slots.


The bitcoin boom in late 2017/early 2018 made a large number of people aware of the benefits of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The payments are transparent, the banks don’t take away any of your profits, the transactions are anonymous, and the payment and cash-out are convenient. This is why operators started including cryptocurrency transactions into their payment options, and with the unpredictability of which currency will explode next, everybody would like to have a couple of coins stashed. Apart from bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrencies at the moment are ethereum, litecoin, ripple, monero, zcash, and many more.

Live games

With live broadcasts on social media becoming more and more popular, it is easy to imagine why players prefer to have a live dealer. This option is not new in online casinos, but with the increase in the popularity of VR gambling, it’s steadily coming back into style. The goal is to create the impression of socialization with other live people while retaining the advantages of playing from the comfort of your home.With the development of new technology, the future will just see more and more realistic and immersive experiences.

With the competition in the gambling industry getting harsher each year, operators will need to keep an eye on the new trends in order to secure a bright future for themselves. Technological trends are affecting all aspects of our lives, so their influence on the gambling industry is no surprise.


Is It Possible to Beat An Online Casino

Online casinos offer numerous advantages to first-time users. For example, Tropicana Casino has its own Tropicana bonus with which you can get some cash back from your first deposit and wager. Many people are content with just taking what they have been offered, but others aspire to something bigger. Is it possible at all to beat an online casino? Before we go deeply into the subject, it is important to make a difference between cheating an online casino and beating an online casino.

Cheating an online casino is much easier than beating it. There are many people who cheated on casinos in the past and will continue to do that in the future. However, beating an online casino is a completely different thing. It implies developing strategies better and not yet included in an online casino. Does that seem even possible? Some believe it is, some believe it is not. Nevertheless, in the following paragraphs, we will try to give a few tips and tricks on how to avoid losing a great amount of money on betting in an online casino.


Before deciding to beat an online casino, find a game that carries the lowest house edge, and try to choose the game that suits you best, the game you are most familiar with in order not to lose a lot of money.


When you start gambling and betting, do not start with very low or very high amount of money. Start in the middle. Read about the systems, find your strategy. Then, find a free online casino where you can master the skills before starting the proper gambling. Once you have mastered the skills, start with enough money, neither too high nor too low.

Developing a strategy is very important because it can help you prepare much better and reduce the chances of losing a great amount of money.


Online casinos use random number generators, unlike the regular casinos that use a simple chance. That means that if you are losing on the roulette wheel, for example, it is time to stop. You are not on the verge of making the money, walk away. Because if you keep playing, there is a great chance that you will keep losing as well.


Is it possible to cheat a regular casino? Is it possible to cheat an online casino? Unlike the online casinos which cannot be cheated in, a regular casino can be cheated if you have somebody on the inside that can help you. But, the question that remains is whether you can beat a casino at all. You can develop strategies, and you can develop ways to lower the casino’s house edge as much as possible in order not to lose money or, at least not to come empty-handed.


Four Futuristic Technologies That Will Appear In The Near Future

The rise of technology has brought us many new things people could not imagine in the past. Just look at the movies made 50 years ago. The futuristic movies in the past showed the main characters with various gadgets, such as phone and robots, both existing in the present.

The technology develops in a fast manner. Some people are frightened by it while the others embrace it fully. Not very long time ago, the chance to stay in touch with people around the world was very low. Nowadays with the appearance and rise of the Internet and the social networks, we make friends all around the world and keep in touch for a long time. Nevertheless, there are disadvantages of fast developing technology, one of them being the lack of privacy and the lack of slow-paced life.

Whatever our point on the fast developing technology is, the development itself cannot be stopped. Thus, we can expect the emergence of dome disruptive technological innovations in the following years. Therefore, in the next few chapters, we will explore four technological innovations we can expect in the coming years.


You use SIRI on your iPhone or Google Assistant on your Android phone? Well, you are already familiar with an artificial assistant. In the future, we might expect personal assistants that use natural sounding language and which will be accessible for use every single day, any time we need them.

In addition, the personal assistant in the future will possess a certain level of general intelligence, which will enable us to communicate with them. They will be our personal clones in a way, avatars, proxy selves responsible for making decisions. They will be familiar with behaviors, tendencies, preferences, and typical ways of responding to certain situations in order to assist us properly.


Unseen computers will be everywhere. You may say that computers are everywhere even now, and you will be right. There is a computer in our car, house, fridge, iron. However, these are all quite obvious. We know there is some smart technology computer in our device, and we need to set them in order to work properly, or even hold them. In the future, we will be completely surrounded by computers. Computers will become completely invisible and absorbed into the surroundings due to the miniaturization revolution.


Nowadays, we are all familiar with the OpenWorm project. This project is an effort to digitalize the brain of a worm. This idea originated in the desire to emulate the brains of organisms surrounding us, in this case, simpler organisms. Therefore, in the future, we can expect the brains of bees and ants to be emulated, thus creating digital animals that live inside a computer.


Mars will be reached in the future. And probably other planets as well. Those who do reach it will set an Internet connection there with Earth in order to access and share information.

The accelerating pace of technology will give us many new innovations that we will embrace with ease. Those who are afraid need just to relax and be careful.