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What Are the Benefits of Watching Sports at Home?

Traveling is a lovely way to experience the world. However, traveling in the times of a global pandemic can be challenging – for whatever reason. Be it traveling to see a beautiful landmark in a foreign country, or visiting a local sportsbook – we can all agree that currently, it’s safer to experience all of these things from the comfort of our homes. That’s why many online bookies offer bonus codes such as NetBet because they saw that the majority of their users enjoy them and enjoy using them without having to leave their homes.

Similar to how one would avoid visiting shopping centers or betting in person by using the internet, sports lovers can also enjoy sports at home. There are many benefits of watching sports at home and here are some of them, in no particular order.


Avoiding People Means Avoiding Conflict

Live sports matches can get hectic. People get fired up over sports so easily that you could literally get injured just by being there. Football matches, particularly in Europe, can go awry because fans are known for their passion going overboard

When football fans get angry, people who are not fans can get injured simply by being close to the action. When anger takes over, anybody can become the opposing team’s fan and thus subject to the fans’ violence.

Staying at home means that one can avoid all sorts of conflict.


Watching Sports From Home is Enjoyable

Without having to pay for a ticket, having to go to the venue, go through fifteen checkpoints and end up in a mass of potentially angry fans, staying at home looks like a much better way of watching sports. While you wouldn’t be subject to the intoxicating atmosphere of a live venue, you would still get to see the sports and be really comfortable while doing it. Your favorite sofa, food, and drinks, maybe even company, and game night become a rather lovely experience compared to being at a venue, tense and looking out for signs of fans stirring.


Watching at Home is Very Practical

Watching anything online is much more practical than watching it live. Even broadcast TV has the ability to allow you to rewind the broadcast. Most people nowadays use streaming services if they are fans of a sport or want to watch something on demand. 

Streaming services allow you to watch an event days after the event is over, enjoying all the moments at your own pace. If you want to see highlights, you can also do that. If you arrive while the match has already started, you can rewind then play at double-time to catch up to the live moment, or simply re-watch the beginning after the match is over.


You Can Watch Different Sports

Going to a venue means that you will watch a single event live. This is lovely if you are a fan of a single sport. Most people watch more than one sport, which is why staying at home is a more versatile and much cheaper way of enjoying sports.

From football to tennis matches, basketball, cricket, golf, and anything in between, you can watch almost simultaneously.


Watching sports at home is a more practical, quieter, and overall more enjoyable way to enjoy sports.

Demi Lovato – Searching for Extraterrestrials

We all question whether there is life in outer space, life other than what we know on our little planet. Given the vastness of space, statistics say that there must be some form of life out there, even an intelligent one.

Alien abduction stories and stories about aliens being encountered at cornfields or other locations are very interesting to people. The stories can be fun and scary, depending on who is telling them and whether the story is believable. 

Demi Lovato is one of the more recent stars that turned into an extraterrestrial seeker. They even made a show about it. Here is more on their story and extraterrestrials.


Extraterrestrials – Not Aliens

Finding new terms to name things is one of the favorite pastimes of the modern age, particularly if you hang out on Twitter and other social media where every word seems to become offensive.

To Demi Lovato, the alien is an offensive word, because it implies something foreign, other, something that we don’t really want. Extraterrestrials is a more acceptable word, one that simply describes them as not of this planet. They said in her interview with Becky G. that they would rather date aliens than humans, and that calling them aliens would be hurtful.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson responded by saying that aliens don’t have feelings and that we have no clue as to what is going on in the head of another species.

These comments were made shortly before Lovato made their show called Unidentified with Demi Lovato.


Unidentified – What is the Show About?

We have probably seen or heard of alien-hunting shows and even watched some. Questionable videos and evidence and stories that cannot be confirmed, are all a large part of the experiences that you can expect to see in these types of shows.

That doesn’t mean that the show cannot be entertaining or be interesting to watch. Demi Lovato had an interesting experience where they started seeing things in the sky which were not there prior to starting meditation. The next step was obviously to make a show.

The show has four episodes and portrays Lovato as someone who experienced and communicated with an ET. Together with their sister and Matthew Montgomery, they explore the possibility of ETs.


What Do the People Say?

Apart from overwhelmingly positive reviews which appear to be written like advertisements, most people are abhorred by the show. The camerawork is praised, but the acting and the personalities involved seem like performers who do not know what they are doing but are just there to get their money’s worth.

The personalities are not believable and the story is also far from engaging. Lovato appears as a messiah with otherworldly capabilities to communicate with ETs, to the point where it seems like shameless boasting. It might be a good show, but it is definitely poorly rated, having a 2.6 score out of 10 on IMDB.


Demi Lovato is a very talented singer who also encountered ETs, if we are to believe them. In their show, Unidentified with Demi Lovato, the experience is expanded upon, but the ratings tell a different story.


The Definition of Sport and All Its Shades

The very concept of sport has changed over time since there have emerged many activities that are introduced as separate sports even though the majority of people cannot recognize them as such. Some activities fall into the gray area of sport definition such as chess, darts, card game bridge, and others. Sports enthusiasts who do not have particular doubts on what sports to follow and prefer widely accepted sports activities such as football, tennis, or rugby, usually search the web for a Netbet Bonus code to use while watching a match. Still, do modern times impose some new definitions on sports activities? Let’s see what happens in reality. 

Are we active?

It is generally known that generations of people growing in the early 2000s seem to be less physically active than those growing in the 80s and 90s. Their interests are more directed to the screens of various devices such as computers, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. These interests have built up some habits that keep young people glued to the chair or sofa and they would rather choose to be the passive observers of their lives rather than active participants. Their interests and habits have brought about the popularity of video games and E-sports, which puts a shadow on the reputation of traditional sports which are usually performed during Olympic games.

Digital sports vs Traditional sports

 That is why the Olympic committee every time revises on what new activities to include in the next Olympics and what sports deserve to be left out. Yet, the new age opens a new question: should we consider E-sports and video games as inseparable parts of the Olympics to attract more viewers with different affiliations? It is not news that digital lovers aim to sign a petition for E-sports and video games to enter the Olympics as regular sports. Will traditional sports lose their spirit if it is about a sufficient number of spectators and supporters? It hasn’t happened yet, still, there is a tendency. 

According to the original definition of the European Council, sport is not a matter of spectators, supporters, reputation, or the money the players earn. Still, the way of life where everything is dictated by money and prestige also dictates the understanding of what sport should be. Professional athletes have salaries that have made them millionaires, and that was not an issue several decades ago. Nowadays, skill is not always the deciding point at which a sport becomes recognized. Unfortunately, the presence of certain sports on social and public media plays the main role in the popularity and recognition of a particular sport. If E-sports and video games can attract a vast audience and media and if players can see the way to earn more money than usual, the sport will lose its traditional meaning soon, and it will become just another branch of cruel capitalism. 


The True Stars among Horses

While athletics is regarded as the queen of sports, horseback riding can be defined as the sport of the royals. If you consider taking up horseback riding as your pastime, you should keep in mind that there are more than 300+ horse breeds and that each horse breed has its virtues and shortcomings. Some breeds stand out for working and racing, while others are recommended for casual riding and equestrian competition, such as show jumps. Let’s take a look at what the most popular horse breeds are and how they can meet your personal needs as a horse lover. 

American Quarter Horse 

This is the most numerous breed in the world, and this breed is recommended for all levels of equestrian mastery – from beginners to advanced horseback riders. These horses are popular for their athleticism, agility, and docility, as well as for their beauty and elegance on the trail. This breed is originally a crossbreed derived from English and Native American Chickasaw horses. They are known for their chiseled head, forehead that is wide, and a flat profile.

Arabian horse

This breed is believed to be the oldest in the world, and there are some records that these horses existed even in 3000 B.C. Moreover, the origin of every light horse breed can be traced to the Arabian as their ancestor. Breeds like Morgans, Appaloosa  and Andalusians are believed to be connected to the Arabian. The Arabian is not a good choice for a beginner since it is seen as a high-spirited horse breed. Yet, it is famous for its loyalty. This horse is characterized by a compact body, wedge-shaped head, short back, and powerful hindquarters. 

Thoroughbred Horse

If you consider horse races, the thoroughbred is a perfect choice for you. This horse is also known as a ‘hot-blooded” horse thanks to its speed, agility, athleticism, and spirit. Apart from races, this breed possesses versatile abilities and it can be used for horse jumps, dressage, as well as casual, more relaxed riding. Thoroughbreds stand out for their deep chest, lean body, and long flat muscles. 


Morgans used to clear and till New England farms at colonial times, and that very fact perfectly describes their strength and musculature. Apart from that, they are known for their elegance, which makes them a good choice both for driving and riding. Their physical appearance is characterized by small ears, expressive eyes, and crested necks. 


Ponies are usually smaller than other breeds and have shorter and weaker legs than others. Ponies are a perfect choice for children thanks to their graceful and tame nature. They are also thankful for keeping the balance since their height does not require some complicated skill. The most popular ponies are plucky Shetland and elegant Welsh.



Are eSports Becoming More Popular Than Regular Sports?

Gaming tournaments were a thing since the early 70s’ but never have they attracted so much attention like they are doing now. This is because of the current gaming industry that really started to grow more rapidly in the early 2000s. However, even if these new events have a massive fan base how do they stack against regular sports? 

Well, that’s not an easy question to answer. If we view them as a whole then they are doing pretty well, but that would be like asking someone what is the most popular casino game and they replied to you that it is slots. Sure there are best slots sites out there where you can find content with lots of players, but in general, some of these games aren’t played at all. So, we should not view eSports or sports as just entities that are sharing the entire fanbase. 

Viewership in the US

One thing to remember is that young people love to watch both eSports and regular sports, so chances are these events share the same viewers. So, when you stack all eSports views vs each individual popular sport in the US, you get a result where only the NFL can outperform eSports.  However, you would still be surprised if we were to isolate only one competition or game from the eSports groups. League of Legends by far has the biggest viewer base, and they are indeed outperforming many of the regular sports events in the US. 

Tradition vs Novelty 

Sports carry a certain degree of cultural tradition and national identity, whereas gaming tournaments are still new. We are living in a culture where trends come and go, and even games that were huge at some point in time, don’t have the same hype. So, there is a sense of uncertainty when it comes to video game tournaments. Nobody doubts that they will always be popular, but the question is whether the games that are currently playing like League of Legends, Counter-Strike, and DOTA 2, will be as popular in the future. 

So far all of those titles have done an incredible job at staying relevant, and are probably the best contenders to stick around for the years to come. Alternatively, we can look at them as genres, and speculate whether FPS and MOBA eSports will be as popular as they are today. Chances are they will.

Will eSports Eventually Outperform Sports 

This has become one of the most profitable industries of today and has spawned jobs and careers that never existed before. We have gaming coaches and gaming academies, so as long as those things are performing well and more funds are funneled into eSports-related businesses, then they will likely reach the same level as soccer.

Each new generation brings more gamers into this world, and those are all additional eSports fans. Therefore, there is no reason for us to doubt that something like this will inevitably happen.