Pros and cons of adopting a pet

You’ve always wished you had a cat or a dog, but you’ve never actually adopted one. Even now you may be wondering if having a pet would make your life more enjoyable. No longer should you wonder because we’ve made a list of pros and cons of having a pet to help you.

Advantage 1

Pets are great companions. When you feel lonely, your pet will always be there to keep you company. It doesn’t have anywhere else better to go, so it will always stay by your side, looking for your attention and giving its love.

Disadvantage 1

They are always there! Since you are their whole world, they are always bothering you. Pets hate being alone as much as you do, and since you are their caretaker, they always turn to you when they are in need of something. Sometimes, this can be very tiresome. For example, only a few days are left before the final test that is worth two-thirds of your grade. You are falling behind with your studies, you get back home, open your book, and the moment you focus on your studies, your cat jumps on your book.  You try to send it away, but it keeps coming back because your cat misses you when you are not at home. It wants to play with you, and you need to study hard and you have no time to waste.

Advantage 2

Pets teach us a valuable lesson in responsibility. When you own a pet, you realize that you have to take care of your pet. Your pet has certain needs that keep it healthy and happy and you need to tend to your pet’s needs. Translated to other aspects of life, you learn that you need to give something to get something in return. If you treat your pet properly, it will adore you for the rest of its life and even sacrifice its life for you if necessary. In addition, you can buy a pet for your children to teach them responsibility. They will learn a valuable lesson and get a real furry friend.

Disadvantage 2

Come to think about it, if you take good care of your pet, there are no real disadvantages or difficulties that cannot be overcome with love and loyalty.

Be honest with yourself and think whether you love animals and whether you can commit yourself to another living being. If the answer to these questions is “yes”, you should not think too much about adopting a pet. Find some useful information or books on keeping a pet, look for a reliable vet and pet stores and get yourself a furry friend.