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Easy Card Games for Beginners

When we take a look back into history, it seems that card games have been present in different nations for a long time. Even though the popularity of each game differs from one region to the next, the point is that everyone likes to play card games

However, there are some card games that can be learned in a heartbeat, while others can take a bit more time to understand. So if you are a beginner and you haven’t yet decided which one you want to learn, then here are a couple of suggestions for card games that are easy to learn. 

Crazy Eights

The goal of this game is really simple and that is to get rid of all cards that you are holding in your hands. The scoring is done by calculating the value of all the cards that are in the hands of other players. At the beginning of the game, each player receives 5 cards, and the rest is put in the middle as the stock. The last card from the stock and placed facing up to form the second pile. If this card is an eight it is returned in the stock and another card is placed as the “starter”. Each player needs to place one card on the “starter” and it has to be matched either in number or in the suit. If the player doesn’t have any card available in their hands to match the starter then he or she draws cards from the pile until a suitable card comes along. In this game, every card acts as a wild. 

Go Fish

This game is played with a standard 52-card pack. The aim is to collect the books of cards or four of the same denomination. In the case that there are two or three players, each one will receive seven cards. And in case that there are four or five people playing then each one gets five cards. The rest is placed in the center to serve as the stock. The first player should ask for the player sitting next to him to give him a certain card. They may ask for queens or eight. If the player doesn’t have that card the one who asked needs to pull one card from the stock. If they get the card that they asked for they have the right to ask the same or any other player for the same symbol again. 


This is a game that can be played by a single player. The traditional game has 8 piles and at the end of each one, there is one card turned, facing up. The point of the game is to form four piles of every symbol with an ascending order until there are no more cards left on the table. 

How to bet on mixed martial arts

Since the 1990s, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has been gaining in popularity in the USA and Europe and, as you may guess, it has become a very attractive sports betting market. If you want to try your luck at betting on MMA, you have many opportunities to do so both in a live sportsbook and online throughout the year, and maybe some of them even offer 1xbet promo code for these kinds of bets. If you are not sure how to increase your chances of placing a winning bet, here are some points that you should take into consideration. 

The rules of the game

The first thing that you need to do is get familiar with the rules of this sport. MMA is a combat sport in which fighters use different fighting styles involving kicks, punches, knees, elbows and grappling. The bout is divided into five-minute long rounds and can end in a knockout, technical knockout, disqualification, submission or on points.

Available markets

The next important point is that there are a few available markets that you can choose from. The most popular way to wager on MMA is definitely the so-called Money Line when you bet on the overall winner. Another option is to bet on how many rounds the match will last, known as Total Rounds. Usually, bookmakers set a number of rounds they expect a fight to have and post odds for going over or under the number. Additionally, there is the KO, Submission, or Decision option when you bet on how the fight will end. This one is the most difficult to win but the payouts are the highest.

Information on fighters

Finally, in order to secure success or at least boost your chances of winning a bet, you should gather information on the fighters you are interested in. First, it is important to know the fighting style of the fighters. Wrestlers prefer taking the opponent to the ground which may prolong the bout while boxers are good at striking and look for a knockout. Next, you should check the fighter’s win-loss record as well as the ranking status. Thanks to the sport’s increasing popularity, you can find lots of statistics and facts on fighters’ performance nowadays. Furthermore, you should pay attention to how the fighter prepares for a fight. You can watch the fighter’s training or sparring sessions and keep up with the news about their pre-fight preparation. You should consider the quality of the sparring partner and the coach and well as the location of the fighting venue. Long travel to the venue or the altitude may impact the fighter’s cardio levels. Also, the fighter’s weight and injuries influence the outcome of the match significantly.


What does Apple have in store for the future?

Apple is one of the most valuable companies in the whole world, adored by millions around the globe both for their fantastic design and quality, as well as the branding and marketing making their products desirable. However, in a world of harsh competition, Apple can’t stop innovating. Let’s see some new tech they will release in the near future.

Augmented reality

One of the key elements of iOS 12, Apple’s new operating system, is a focus on augmented reality, Apple’s Measure was the first step in that direction, allowing your iPhone to measure real distances on its screen. This is just a taste of what’s coming, since Lego is rumored to be on board for an iOS augmented reality app of their own. Apple realizes that VR and AR are the future of IT and is jumping on the bandwagon on time.

Tech addiction tool

Even though it might seem that Apple’s management benefits from your using their products as much as possible, their new tool helps their users spend less time in front of their phones, curbing tech addiction. The tool’s activity report will measure how much time a user spends with their phone, including an activity overview. Customers will be able to set App Limits – if you’re wasting too much time using an app, you can set a time limit for the day and get a warning 5 minutes before your time is up. Good news for parents is the fact that they will be able to set limitations for their children, including periods when they are not allowed to use any of the apps (to prevent raising night owls).


iPhone X users are already familiar with animated emojis called Animoji (you don’t say). However, now Apple is adding new animals, including a tongue detection feature that will make the animals’ tongues follow your tongue movement (what a great time to be alive!). Nevertheless, the biggest innovation is a fully personalized Animoji that can be made to look just like you, of course, in a cartoon version. After choosing your head shape, skin color, eye color and other features and accessories, the Memoji will then mimic your movement just like the rest of the Animoji.

Group FaceTime

FaceTime, Apple’s app for video calls and chatting, is now increasing the number of people in a video call to 32. If you’re in a group chat argument, you can now start a group video call with all of the members and make everybody’s lives a bit more unbearable. It’s perfect for virtual family reunions. To top it all off, the camera is getting some new effects, stickers, filters, and shapes.

Whether you are a fan of Apple or not, you can’t argue that the people come up with some great ideas!


Bring your game to life with live betting

Everyone that was ever into betting can probably remember a scenario like this: you found a perfect combination of matches to bet on, you went through the data looking for the best odds and the info to help you place your bet, you enter a website to place the bets and you realize that a game has already begun and that you cannot bet on it! Your entire system broke down and now you’re not even sure you want to play anymore.

Thankfully, most, if not all of the bookmakers are now offering live betting – betting while the game lasts, with different odds being updated depending on the game’s progress. However, what do you have to keep in mind if you want to bet live?

Understand regular betting

Naturally, if you’re going to wager any real money, you have to know what you’re doing. You have to understand the odds system and do your homework regarding the teams you’re going to bet on. Luck is an important factor, but, compared to the lottery or playing in the Gate777 casino, betting can include a knowledge element. Focus on sports you are familiar with – or ideally an expert in – and look into the games you’re going to bet on beforehand.

Understand changes on the pitch

With classical betting, you’re following the form swings of a team throughout the season. With live betting, it’s all reduced to the match itself. You need to recognize when a team is building momentum and dominating the pitch or when a tennis player is psychologically determined to tilt the match his/her way against his discouraged opponent. In time, you can learn to spot tell-tale signs of this and capitalize on it through your bets.

Don’t just look at the goals and classic stuff

Live betting offers more than regular betting. In football, for example, the result can be of little interest to you if you can guess the number of corner kicks or yellow cards. See a player that is nervous and reckless in his tackles? Use it, because fouls on a match can be a parameter to watch out for and bring you some easy profit.

Focus on a few games, possibly one at a time

Another difference from regular betting is that you should focus on a few games, ideally only one and that you need to watch it live in order to see what to bet on. This differs from recreational watching with friends, some beer and snacks – you need to pay maximum attention, because every detail counts.

Bet on the favorites that are losing

Why should you bet on somebody that’s losing? Well, it’s the simplest live-betting strategy. Namely, when a favorite starts losing, the odds for their win start growing. You can then place the bet at much higher odds and still have a great chance of winning because the favourite is still more likely to bounce back.

Even though this list can give you some insight into live betting, you should try it yourself to see if it’s your cup of tea. And always remember to limit your budget to what you’re ready to spend.


Pros and cons of adopting a pet

You’ve always wished you had a cat or a dog, but you’ve never actually adopted one. Even now you may be wondering if having a pet would make your life more enjoyable. No longer should you wonder because we’ve made a list of pros and cons of having a pet to help you.

Advantage 1

Pets are great companions. When you feel lonely, your pet will always be there to keep you company. It doesn’t have anywhere else better to go, so it will always stay by your side, looking for your attention and giving its love.

Disadvantage 1

They are always there! Since you are their whole world, they are always bothering you. Pets hate being alone as much as you do, and since you are their caretaker, they always turn to you when they are in need of something. Sometimes, this can be very tiresome. For example, only a few days are left before the final test that is worth two-thirds of your grade. You are falling behind with your studies, you get back home, open your book, and the moment you focus on your studies, your cat jumps on your book.  You try to send it away, but it keeps coming back because your cat misses you when you are not at home. It wants to play with you, and you need to study hard and you have no time to waste.

Advantage 2

Pets teach us a valuable lesson in responsibility. When you own a pet, you realize that you have to take care of your pet. Your pet has certain needs that keep it healthy and happy and you need to tend to your pet’s needs. Translated to other aspects of life, you learn that you need to give something to get something in return. If you treat your pet properly, it will adore you for the rest of its life and even sacrifice its life for you if necessary. In addition, you can buy a pet for your children to teach them responsibility. They will learn a valuable lesson and get a real furry friend.

Disadvantage 2

Come to think about it, if you take good care of your pet, there are no real disadvantages or difficulties that cannot be overcome with love and loyalty.

Be honest with yourself and think whether you love animals and whether you can commit yourself to another living being. If the answer to these questions is “yes”, you should not think too much about adopting a pet. Find some useful information or books on keeping a pet, look for a reliable vet and pet stores and get yourself a furry friend.