Paranormal-themed slot machines for paranormal wins

When you are tired of working out the rules of casino games, coming up with tactics, trying out different strategies, and figuring out your opponent’s hand, the best way to relax and win money is to play slots. There is a huge online casino offer and nice bonuses for new sign-ups. Slots are like video games – you can have hours of fun while enjoying fantastic graphics, exciting themes and amazing characters. There are slot machine themes for literally everyone’s taste such as sports, food, animals, the Wild West, Egypt, Asia. For those who are more daring, we present some slots that can send a chill down your spine.

iSoftbet Paranormal Activity Slot is based on the horror movie of the same name from 2007. It consists of 5 reels coupled with the original movie graphics and creepy sound effects. Bloodstained hands, Ouija boards and ghastly characters will definitely give you the creeps but the chance to get a cash prize or hit some of the three bonus features will give you the courage to keep on. The paranormal spins will give you unlimited free spins, the possessed spins offer extra stacked wilds and the demon spins bring random extra wilds.

NetEnt Aliens Slot recreates the chilling atmosphere of the eponymous horror movie from 1986. You will have to kill aliens to advance through the three levels of the game: the Search, the Encounter and the Hive. Every spin brings Ammo Clips depicted on the Ammo Clip Counter which enable you to kill the attacking aliens. As long as you have Ammo Clips you are safe and a re-spin is granted, but if you use up all of your Ammo Clips the aliens will kill you and you’ll return to level 1. If you survive to level 3, you will have a chance to kill the Queen Alien and her hive and win a bonus of 240 times your bet. You’d better be like Ripley to land amazing bonuses, free spins and a great amount of money.

NetEnt Blood Suckers is another spooky slot featuring 5 reels and 25 paylines inspired by the cult of vampires. The gothic atmosphere, eerie sounds, blood-thirsty vampires and mysterious castles may make your blood turn cold, but the possibility to win great cash rewards and find wild symbols and free spins that can triple your winnings will keep you thrilled to death. If you trigger the bonus game that takes you to a burial chamber where you open coffins and slay vampires, you will have a chance to win extra coins for every vampire that you slay. If this horror game gets you excited, you should also try Bloodsuckers II which features even scarier blood-sucking creatures and many more free spins, bonuses and fantastic payouts.   

How can anyone become an athlete

When I was a kid, I dreamed of being like Spider-Man – fast and able to jump high and swing from building to building. As I got older my dreams became a little more realistic and I found my idols among professional athletes. I guess that there are many young boys who wish the same as me and whose dreams also become a little more down-to-earth. We may never be so able-bodied like Spider-Man, but we can achieve the second best thing – we could become athletes.

But can just anyone become an athlete? We can find some answers if we consult successful athletes and their coaches. Many famous coaches say that in order to succeed in any sport you need to have a talent, but we don’t want to become professional athletes, we just want to know how we can be more athletic. So, we don’t need to have any talent for sports if we follow these three steps.

Step 1: Build elasticity

When starting any type of exercise, the first thing you must do is stretch. Stretching helps your muscles become more resilient to stress and strain and it allows the body to sustain many exercises without experiencing any bad impacts. Stretching exercises are considered to be the easiest type of exercises – so anybody should be able to do them. They help intensify blood flow which increases the body temperature. When the body is warmer, its capabilities increase so you can make faster progress which boosts your motivation to keep on. Stretching itself can make you an athlete. If we look at yoga practitioners, we can see that stretching exercises can increase their physical strength to the level of professional athletes.

Step 2: Body conditioning

When we first start working out, we probably get tired very quickly. This may discourage you from training harder and you even decide to give up completely. To avoid this, you should do body-conditioning exercises. This means that you should start with minimal efforts, but you should do your best to keep exercising for longer periods of time. For example, if you wish to train football, you should go jogging at first, keeping a low tempo for as long as you can. If you do this every second day for a whole month you will be ready to start training much harder without feeling too tired.

Step 3: Increase strength

Once your body gets elastic and conditioned, you are ready for the final step – increasing your strength. The body becomes stronger if you do exercises with weights. But don’t forget to go step by step. Start with lighter weights, and as you improve, move on to heavier weights until you reach your goals.


Trends in the casino industry in 2018

Many things are happening in 2018 as the online casino industry continues to bloom. Aside from the regular new sign-up promotions that are already something that the users are used to, such as the Caesars Casino promos and bonuses, there are some new and exciting things that casino gamers can already try out in some select online casinos.


E-sports are on a great rise, with the industry being said to be worth 1.5 billion USD by 2020. The appeal is clear, since people can use their reflexes and logical judgment to compete and become stars, even though they aren’t exactly athletic types. And whenever you have competition, you also have betting. E-sports betting is more lucrative for punters at the moment since the lack of experts within the betting operators can lead to misjudged odds, letting real experts profit from them. However, with more attention being paid to this domain, the situation is about to change. The expectation is that the number of offers and games that bookies offer will soon see an explosion.

Virtual reality

Very few gambling operators offer virtual reality gambling at the moment. With more and more games using VR technology being published, casinos would definitely benefit from this technology, offering customers an even more immersive experience that reflects the feeling of a real casino, all from the comfort of their homes. Leading casinos are already investing in this technology, but the biggest obstacle still remains the price of the equipment needed for players to enjoy these amenities. However, with competition growing and VR-set prices plummeting, this won’t be an issue for long.

Skill games

Even though luck still plays a significant role in gambling, people are starting to get bored of pure chance determining the outcome of their bet. Even though spinning a slot machine is fun, players do not like the fact that the outcome is beyond their control. Therefore, casinos are experiencing more interest in games that require some sort of strategy, with a healthy dose of Fortuna’s grace, of course. Therefore, this promises a drastic increase in poker and sports betting websites and the introduction of other strategy elements into traditional games, like online slots.


The bitcoin boom in late 2017/early 2018 made a large number of people aware of the benefits of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The payments are transparent, the banks don’t take away any of your profits, the transactions are anonymous, and the payment and cash-out are convenient. This is why operators started including cryptocurrency transactions into their payment options, and with the unpredictability of which currency will explode next, everybody would like to have a couple of coins stashed. Apart from bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrencies at the moment are ethereum, litecoin, ripple, monero, zcash, and many more.

Live games

With live broadcasts on social media becoming more and more popular, it is easy to imagine why players prefer to have a live dealer. This option is not new in online casinos, but with the increase in the popularity of VR gambling, it’s steadily coming back into style. The goal is to create the impression of socialization with other live people while retaining the advantages of playing from the comfort of your home.With the development of new technology, the future will just see more and more realistic and immersive experiences.

With the competition in the gambling industry getting harsher each year, operators will need to keep an eye on the new trends in order to secure a bright future for themselves. Technological trends are affecting all aspects of our lives, so their influence on the gambling industry is no surprise.


Exotic Pets

There has always been a special bond between humans and animals. There are legends of heroes who were always followed by their faithful animal companions. Animals have helped people in so many differen

t ways throughout history, either as transportation, guardians, food, or pets. When it comes to pets, dogs and cats are the most common, but some people prefer having some unusual pets. Here are some suggestions for those who would like to have an exotic pet.

First of all, you should know that there are certain animals you cannot own because it’s illegal. S

uch animals belong to endangered species, so if you want to have a bald eagle or a panda, bad luck for you. Also, we will not consider those animals that only wealthy people can afford, such as a Bengal tiger or a shark.


One of the most common exotic pets is a horse. It may not seem so exotic since it has been part of many households for years. But if we think about urbanization and the growth of large cities, it has become harder to keep a horse. Can you even imagine a horse living in your apartment in New York? Nowadays, horses can be kept only in rural areas, on farms and paddocks.

Creepy crawlies

When you hear the words creepy crawlies, you probably don’t think of somebody’s pet.  Well, some of the most common exotic pets are spiders. Yes, a creature whose presence would frighten so many people is one of the most popular pets. Spiders are usually kept in terrariums, but they are sometimes let out for a stroll. You might think that spiders are dangerous or even poisonous, but some people regard them as cute just like a puppy or a kitten.


In some cultures, snakes are seen as the embodiment of all evil. We might recall the story of the snake that offered the forbidden fruit to Eve in the Garden of Eden or the pet snake of Voldemort, the evil wizard from the Harry Potter series. In spite of all these negative associations, snakes are the third most popular exotic pet. Some people just love them for their unique bodies, their behavior or any other reason there might be.

The bottom line is that animals are not so different from us. They all need a home and care whether they are cats, dogs, fish, horses, spiders or snakes.  


What the bookmakers predicted for the Billboard Music Awards and who actually won

Billboard is a music popularity chart and a publishing company that honours the best accomplishments in music every May by awarding the Billboard Music Awards. The award show for 2018 was held on May 20 in the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada and was hosted by Kelly Clarkson. The award show sparks a lot of interest with betting aficionados, even though it can’t be compared with the popularity of the Bob Casino bonus code.

The Billboard Awards are different from other music awards because the nominees are determined based on their album sales, including digital format, the streaming volume, tours, radio-play time, and engagement with the fabs. In 2018, the period when the data were gathered was April 8, 2017–March 31, 2018.

The most coveted award of this show is “Top Artist of the Year”, where bookmakers marked Ed Sheeran as the favorite. His dominance of the music scene with his new album “Divide”, featuring legendary songs like “Shape of You” and “Perfect” was enough to secure this prize for him and confirming the hunches of the oddsmakers. Ed Sheeran was also set to win in the “Top Male Artist”, which he also snatched.

However, his competition was harsh – Kendrick Lamar, the hip-hop artist, had an immensely successful year with compiling the fantastic soundtrack for Marvel’s “Black Panther” and his hot new album “Damn”. And with a Pulitzer Prize in his pocket, he was the second favorite for both aforementioned prizes. He ended up just short of them, but settled for “Top Billboard 200 Album”, “Top rap artist”, and “Top Rap Album”, where the bookmakers rightfully marked him as a favourite.

The best song award, “Top Hot 100 Song”, was also easily predicted by the bookies – the planetary mega-hit “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee achieved immense commercial success, making it a bookmaker’s favorite for 2018. It is no wonder nobody was surprised when the name of the song was read by the host.

If everything was expected in the mentioned categories, some surprise was seen in the “Top New Artist” category for up-and-coming performers, Cardi B was already seen as the winner and was the frontrunner with her hit “Bodak Yellow” which took the charts by storm, topping the Hot 100 chart three weeks in a row in autumn 2017. The award was finally won by Khalid, interestingly only the fourth favourite for this category. The VMA Best New Artist Award from 2017 and the collaboration with Swae Lee on the song “The Ways” on Black Panther’s soundtrack seemed to have a decisive effect. Finally, it’s worth mentioning that Taylor Swift went away with the “Top Female Artist” award, as was expected by the bookies.

With award shows becoming more and more popular, will you try to make some money off your favourite artists?